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  • Easy Payment Plans
  • Built on WordPress
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Under most circumstances we can create and launch an amazing premium membership site for you within 30 - 60 days from the time you sign up.  As long as you provide answers, responses and content within 48 hours of our requests we can build and publish your site at a fairly rapid clip!


Building a new website is not cheap.  Sure, you can get your friend or a cheap off-shore developer to throw something together for you.  But, if you want a site that is unique, helps with converting customers and portrays your business in the best possible light, you need a site that is designed by professionals and not something pre-designed from a template.

We make professionally designed websites affordable!

Instead of you making a large up-front payment, we build out your site and collect payment over 12 months.

And instead of making you guess as to the price, we offer only three plans with a few add-on options.  So when you leave this site, you will know EXACTLY what your new website will cost!

Finally, we include everything you might need - including some things you might not even be aware you need!

What's Included?

We include everything you might need for a new website - you just bring your content, your logo and, optionally, your graphics.

  • Includes Up To 20 Pages

    We build out the following pages: Home, About, Account, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, User Account, Store & Pricing, 404, Customer Support, Blog/Article, Contact Us and up to 9 other pages.  This is part of our standard plan. If you need additional pages, choose our "Premium" or "Enterprise" plan or add a "page pack" to your cart.

  • Connections

    We configure your connections to Stripe and Paypal, Google Analytics, MailChimp, MailGun (for better email delivery), CloudFlare (for denial-of-service protection), install your Facebook Pixel and configure anti-spam utilities and such as required.  We provide your hosting for the first year and set up automatic off-site backup daily or as frequently as needed depending on your website traffic.

  • Membership Functions

    We configure up to three membership levels, your initial offering discount code (if you're new to your market), your support desk, one chat integration service and up to two site-wide popups with your special offers.

  • Store Functions

    If your site needs a store to ship physical product, we include the usual store functions such as add-to-cart and check-out.  We will also configure up to 10 products for you so you have a good set of templates to add new products as necessary.

  • Content

    We will install your content that you provide. In addition to the page content, we will install up to 25 additional protected content pieces that you provide for your members (such as articles, pdfs, video and audio downloads.)

    Please note: Since we do not know your business as well as you do, we do not write content for you as part of any of our pre-configured or standard plans.  If you need content creation you should choose one of our content-creation add-ons.  Our content-creation add-on service can provide seo-friendly content for any page, articles or product descriptions.

  • Images and Graphics

    Depending on the plan you choose, we will include between 10 and 25 pieces of licensed stock images for your pages and articles.  We use images from www.canstockphoto.com.  If you would prefer completely custom graphics we do have add-on design services for logos, product images and such.

Get Your Custom Website Started Today!



Website visitors need to be pulled in and engaged as soon as they land on your site.  


A professionally designed site will include only the elements that work and leave out those that don't - resulting in a faster site and a more positive user experience.


Professionals take the time to understand your business which, in turn, translates to a website that stays true to your brand.


Your website will not look like those of your competitors.  A unique site that presents a unique compelling value proposition will make it easier for prospects to remember you.

Get Your Custom Membership Website Started Today!


  • What makes you so different? I can get a website anywhere!

    Here are three good reasons!

    1. We SPECIALIZE in membership sites.  These types of sites tend to have complex security challenges, unique account areas and day-to-day operations that are not usually seen in a standard website.
    2. Our websites are HAND CRAFTED to reflect your business.  We do not use templates from WIX, SQUARESPACE and similar services.
    3. We're invested in your business.  By taking an installment agreement we have an active role in your success.  There are very very few website designers who will agree to a 12 month payment plan.  Most just want to finish your site as fast as possible and collect payment so they can move on to the next one.  We're invested in your long-term success, especially if you're just getting started in your business.
  • Umm...that looks expensive...My buddy can build that for $500.00

    All we can say to this is we understand where you're coming from - and that you do get what you pay for.  There are no short-cuts to a fast, well-functioning, business-focused membership site.  You can lose a lot more than $5000.00 in sales when your site isn't well built or up-selling your audience well.

  • Are graphics included in this price?

    If you do not provide graphics we will use licensed stock graphic files from www.canstockphoto.com.  The price includes between 10 and 25 licensed images depending on the plan. Additional images can be utilized for a small fee (as charged by www.canstockphoto.com)

  • What are some of the expenses I might be responsible for?

    You might be responsible for content writing expenses, video and audio production, graphic creation (if you prefer custom graphics), marketing (Facebook Ads, Google Ads etc.), monthly Cloudflare fees, monthly MailChimp fees, and monthly MailGun fees among others.

  • What types of websites does this program cover?

    We primarily build MEMBERSHIP sites. These are sites where you offer a private membership area with restricted content for a one-time or recurring fee.

    However, almost every type of website that registers users and offer a private account area is a membership website - you just don't charge for access.

    So in addition to classic fee-based membership sites, we can build out sites for the following use cases:

    1. Information portals only such as those used by Law Firms, Medical and Dental, Local businesses, Service businesses and more.
    2. e-Commerce
    3. Events
    4. Marketing
    5. Appointment and Bookings
  • What kind of membership services can I offer?

    We can build you a site that offers very complex membership plans if needed.  And of course we can build out the basics including free trials, synchronized start dates, content restrictions and more.

  • What if we need an e-commerce solution to ship physical product?

    We include basic store functions if required but complex functions such as importing thousands of products, variable shipping costs, complex product variations and such is not included. 

  • What about licenses for themes, plugins and so on?

    Licenses for most items are included in the first year - they are rolled into the base cost of your website and included as part of your installment agreement.

    However, after the first year you will be responsible for any renewal payments. 

    If you choose to continue to use us as your website maintenance provider many licenses can continue to be free to you as they will fall under the master developer license agreement we have with various software publishers.

  • How long will this take?

    If you provide your materials on a timely basis (i.e: within 24 hours of our request), we can get a site up and running for you in as little as two weeks.  But in our experience most sites take 30 - 60 days.

  • What are the payment terms?

    You pay for your site in 12 equal payments.  Your first payment is due right away.  If you provide required materials in a timely manner, you will have completed your first two payments by the time the site is launched.  (If you prefer, we can offer a 24 month payment plan under certain circumstances).

  • What kind of support do you offer after the site is live?

    As part of the first year's service, we include basic maintenance and support including backup and security updates.  After the first year when your site is paid for, we can continue to offer maintenance and support services as you need. You can get started by purchasing our standard maintenance plan from our store after the installment agreement has expired.

  • Is there a discount if we pay the full fee up-front?

    Yes, we can offer a discount for full payment up-front instead of paying over 12 months.  Your full up-front payment would be the equivalent of 10 months of payments so you save about 16%.

Have More Questions?

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.